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“Barangay Maunlad as a progressive, self-reliant community and peaceful place to live in where the its consituents enjoy harmonious way of life, business, at work and at home, and most especially for a more dedicated and responsible Barangay Governance.”
“We are committed to be consistently responsive in performing our duties and responsibilities in carrying out the plans and objectives of the Barangay, most especially in the delivery of the basic needs such as improved roads and environment, water system, health care, education, and affordable housing needs of the constituents.”
⋄ To maintain full transparency in all our programs and projects that involves government funding.
⋄ To be a first class and financially independent district.
⋄ To attain effective and efficient delivery of basic social services.
⋄ To pursue sustainable environmental management.
⋄ To have a well-established, sustainable and appropriate infrastructure facilities.

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